Cannapharm Technologies Malta (CPTM) is a young and ambitious company, led by a dynamic team, combining years of experience in the Cannabinoid, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and R&D sectors.


We believe in a long-term, sustainable growth, based on fundamental research and the latest technological advances. Our approach is to focus on the development of ecosystems and clusters around cultivation, R&D and manufacturing centers across the EU, North America and other regions.


Our ecosystems approach allows us to implement vertically-integrated systems which include: 

Genetics Bank & Research


& Processing



R & D

Clinical Trials

Wellness centers

MC-based Programs


Our team consists of seasoned professionals and executives from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, both technical and corporate. It comprises of British, Canadian, EU,  CIS and Israeli specialists, among others, in cross-disciplines including:

  • Genetics

  • Agronomy

  • Pharmaceutics

  • Engineering

  • Radiology

  • R&D

  • Corporate Finance

  • Administration & Governance

  • International Law 

  • Sales

  • Logistics

  • Analytical platform for Terpenes and Cannabinoid detection

  • Design of drugs based on binding to Cannabinoid receptors A

  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) for achieving precision cannabis medicine

  • Genetic Databank - Plant Seed and Molecular Signature Bank based on CPTM's scientific expedition throughout the Central Asia region

  • Nano-pharmacology - new approaches to the Cannabinoid-based drug delivery


CPTM partners count some of the world's largest healthcare facility management and healthcare groups, global medical and engineering academic institutions , as well as hospitality providers and various local suppliers

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