Cannapharm Technologies Malta (CPTM) is a young and ambitious company, led by a dynamic team, combining years of experience in the Cannabinoid, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and R&D sectors.


We believe in a long-term, sustainable growth, based on fundamental research and the latest technological advances. Our approach is to focus on the development of ecosystems and clusters around cultivation, R&D and manufacturing centers across the EU, North America and other regions.

Our Segments

Our ecosystems approach allows us to implement vertically-integrated systems which include: 

Genetics Bank & Research


& Processing



R & D

Clinical Trials


Wellness centers

MC-based Programs

Wholesale Sourcing Services

We have established direct relationships with growers around the world, so we can offer a variety of products at competitive prices. We monitor the entire supply chain to ensure conformity, authenticity and adherence to best practice.


We can source both GMP and Non-GMP standard extracts, from a variety of sources, using varied extraction and processing methodologies. Our Expert botanists and genetics experts can work with you to determine the best strains and coumpound content for your end product.

We carry out full due diligence and AML compliance services, as well as advise on national and international supply MOUs and contracts.

Key R&D Projects
Our Team

Our team consists of seasoned professionals and executives from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, both technical and corporate. It comprises of British, Canadian, EU,  CIS and Israeli specialists, among others, in cross-disciplines including:

  • Genetics

  • Agronomy

  • Pharmaceutics

  • Engineering

  • Radiology

  • R&D

  • Corporate Finance

  • Administration & Governance

  • International Law 

  • Sales

  • Logistics

  • Analytical platform for Terpenes and Cannabinoid detection

  • Design of drugs based on binding to Cannabinoid receptors A

  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) for achieving precision cannabis medicine

  • Genetic Databank - Plant Seed and Molecular Signature Bank based on CPTM's scientific expedition throughout the Central Asia region

  • Nano-pharmacology - new approaches to the Cannabinoid-based drug delivery

Our Partners

CPTM partners count some of the world's largest healthcare facility management and healthcare groups, global medical and engineering academic institutions , as well as hospitality providers and various local suppliers

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