26th January 2019

Paola - Malta

CPTM at Davos 2019 – Switzerland


Cannapharm Technologies Malta Limited (“CPTM” or the “Company”) was invited to participate in the Davos 2019 event, in Davos -Switzerland.

“It is an honour to have been invited to participate in such a prestigious gathering” said Bruce H. Gaston, Director of CPTM. “CPTM was part of the delegations at the exclusive Canada Cannabis House, co-hosted by the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), Kapoor Kapital, and OTC Markets Group Inc. (OTCQX: OTCM) ”.

The four-day event provided comprehensive overview of trading, cross-listings and related capital raising options for the global portfolio of early-stage, growth-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial cannabis companies. Canadian companies in particular, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the corporate finance and policy development as well as the technologies that optimise the cultivation, extraction and delivery of cannabis-based products.


Bruce H. Gaston


About CPTM

Cannapharm Technologies Malta Limited (CPTM) is a limited company, registered under the Companies Act, 1995 of the Republic of Malta.

CPTM believes in long-term, incremental growth, based on the latest technological advances. It works closely with governments, regulatory authorities and local municipalities, to utilise, integrate and grow existing local infrastructures, within the framework of regional and governmental development programs and targets.

As an EU-based enterprise, CPTM adheres to and implements the strictest of standards in its productions, whilst maintaining a result-driven, qualitative approach to its pharmaceutical operations in Europe and Asia.